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How Does a Picture Make a Difference?

In a previous article I have already covered the importance of Titles in your eBay listings but another extremely important feature of any auction is the picture.

Put simply, a good picture of your item will help it sell better and will give your potential buyers confidence.

If you fail to provide an photo in your auction you will lose bids. After all, no-one wants to buy a high price item "blind".

So, where can you get good quality pictures? Typically there are four places where you can get a good picture:

(1) Your digital camera
(2) Amazon or other online retailers
(3) The producer's site
(4) Other people's auctions

Most people nowadays will have a digital camera or even a scanner. It's so simple to take a picture and upload it to your PC that you should make sure that you always take a few minutes to get a good image of your product.

Make sure your image is in either GIF or JPG format. Also, take the picture in good light and with a plain background so that the product is clear.

If you are selling a DVD, Book, CD or similar, you can get free pictures from an online auction site such as Amazon. Simply search for the product you are selling, click on the picture and you will be given a larger image. Save it to your hard drive and then upload it with your eBay listing.

If Amazon doesn't have a picture of your item, search the web for it instead. You will probably find the manufacturer's site and several product pictures there. If you find a good image, right-click on it and choose "Save Image As" and save a copy to your hard drive.

If the other methods don't work, try eBay itself. All you have to do is search for similar items and copy the image from those listings. If there are no current listings, search through the Completed Listings or even eBay.com.

Basically, as long as the picture is a good representation of your product you can use it. Remember that if you don't add a picture you will lose potential bidders.

Also, don't feel you have to use the "Gallery" option. As long as your title is correct, potential bidders will view it whether there is a gallery listing or not.

For very rare or high value items, you may wish to add more pictures from different angles or with close-up shots. If you add more through eBay's extra pictures feature it will cost you more money.

Instead, try adding pictures to your description by linking to pictures on another site.

Until next time,