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Searching for goods on eBay...

Bidding and buying is as simple as it gets on eBay (or, at least, it should be - you can come across an idiot from time to time)

It goes a little like this:

  • Find an item you are interested in.
  • Bid the maximum amount you are willing to spend
  • Auctions finishes, you win if you are the maximum bidder
  • The seller emails you an invoice
  • You pay seller by an agreed method
  • Seller mails you the item
  • If you are happy, leave positive feedback

And that's it!

Finding the item

The easiest way to find your item is to search for it. Simply type in keywords in the search box and all the relevant listings will be brought up.

For example, if you wanted Notting Hill on DVD you would search for "Notting Hill DVD" without the quotation marks. It's as simple as that.

There are several more advanced searching facilites you can use which are found under the Advanced Search link underneath the search box.

Here you can specify lots of different search parameters such as maximum price, Buy It Now only, items in other countries etc. You can also exclude certain words i.e. you can exclude "Region 1" to remove any American DVDs from your search.

eBay searches can also be made with what are known as "Advanced Search Commands". These are as follows:

- General search

Simply enter the words you require with spaces in between

e.g. Notting Hill DVD will return items with all of the words in any order

- Phrase searching

Enter the keywords with quotation marks around them

e.g. "Notting Hill DVD" will only return items with these specific words in this exact order

- Word exclusion

Enter the keywords you require and place a minus sign (-) in front of those which you do not want

e.g. Notting Hill -video will return items with Notting and Hill in the title but not video

You can extend this to exclude several words
i.e. Notting Hill -(video,poster,laserdisc)

- Search for two different items

Enter each keyword seperated by a comma and put the whole search in brackets

e.g. (Notting Hill, Hugh Grant) will return items with either Notting Hill or Hugh Grant in the title

- Specific letter sequences

Enter the letters followed by an asterisk

e.g. climb* would return items including words such as climber, climbing, climbs, climbers etc

- Additional words

Enter the search term and add any additional keywords with a plus sign (+) in front

e.g. (Notting Hill, Hugh Grant) +DVD returns any items with DVD and either Notting Hill or Hugh Grant in the title

The search feature can be extremely useful to allow you to get exact matches for your searches. Using the commands above, you can reduce the results down to very specific items cutting out lots of dud listings.

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